Petite Messe Solennelle – The Conductor’s Review

Well done to all for a real success of a concert at St Woolos Last month. The spirit of high drama in the performance was just what I was looking for and it was the first time I have heard an amateur choir deliver those fugues without falling into directionless, bewildered slavery. You kept up the phrasing of the subjects and countersubjects throughout and there was never a moment where the thrust of the drama was lost. We kept pitch on the unaccompanied movements (Christe Eleison and Sanctus) better than ever (which more than made up for the reinterpretation of the bass part at the beginning of the Christe!).

Sharon was so impressed by the fact that you were with me all the way through. Ruth Dow enjoyed the performance very much – particularly the Agnus Dei (‘Glorious’ was the word she used!).

We all seemed to enjoy the venue so much and it seems that the opening up of the space means it should suit our orchestral concerts too. The staff were most obliging and made us truly welcome. It seems we have found a happy new home!

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