The “ORA”

Heidenheim, Germany – Newport’s twin town
The Newport – Heidenheim Twinning Association was formed in 1980. Newport Philharmonic Choir made its first trip in 1993 and, since then, visits have been made alternately every few years.
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In 2003 the embroidery on the right was produced by chorister, Alwena Power, and presented to Oratorienchor Heidenheim to commemorate 10 years of friendship.

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When Newport Phil visited Heidenheim in 2008 it was to join the Ora in celebrating their centenary. Cardiff potter, Molly Curley, was commissioned to produce this plate which was duly presented to commemorate the occasion.

For some choristers these trips are a new experience but for most it is a renewing of old acquaintances. Most of us stay with families. Indeed it seems that we are all part of one extended family, such is the friendship and hospitality shown by our hosts.

To commemorate the twenty-year partnership of our two choirs in 2013 Newport City Council gave us this scroll to present to the city of of Heidenheim.
We also approached Newport’s prolific wood-carver, Bob Davies, who produced the wonderful love-spoon pictured left. It was presented to the Ora, together with an explanation of the symbols, which represented our two countries, Wales and Germany, our two cities, Newport and Heidenheim, and our two choirs, united in friendship and our love of music.

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